梵卡莎艺术家瓷是一家专业从事家居用品研发、生产,出口的工贸一体的实业公司。专营日用品牌家用陶瓷销售。 公司拥有强大、专业的营销和研发体系,从产品开发、生产到销售实行一条龙服务,致力于打造中国民族品牌。      






Fankasha artist porcelain is a professional engaged in Home Furnishing products R & D, production, export trade one of the industrial company. Daily use of household ceramics brand sales. The company has a strong, professional marketing and R & D system, from product development, production and sales of one-stop service, committed to creating Chinese national brands.
At present, the company's main products are daily-use ceramics and ceramics series: including Western tableware, tea sets, coffee cups and saucers, milk cup, hanging plate, bathroom appliances and other products. The company is committed to the development of a variety of classic, stylish combination of products and innovative gift packaging to meet the growing demand for ceramic products in the domestic / international market.
Study on the characteristics of their products by natural symbol design team, from the brand perspective, brand association and brand logo design to develop a brand of graphic, for subsequent use of brand extension, but also on behalf of the brand tonality and quality.